Speak. Send. Done. All you have to do is speak – SpeechLive does the rest. Philips SpeechLive takes the dictation workflow to the cloud – with all of its great benefits. Record your dictations – anywhere, at any time and benefit from maximum security and reliability

Easy set-up and local support for quick installation and assistance

Web browser-based workflow management for convenient administration

Secure online storage to keep your files protected

Double encryption in real time for maximum security

Backup and restore function for highest data safety

Flexible subscriptions scale the solution along with your business

Optional transcription service to meet all your needs

Easy implementation for smooth integration into existing workflows

Small Business Package (PCL1000)

5 GB (25 000 min DSS Pro recording) online storage Maximum number of users: 10

$9.99 per user per month

Advanced Business Package (PCL1100)

20 GB (100 000 min DSS Pro recording) online storage Maximum number of users: 25

One-click workflow management Individual assignment of typists to authors

$12.99 per user per month

You will require SpeechExec Dictate and Transcribe version 8.5 software and either a Philips handheld recorder, Philips smartphone dictation application or Philips Speech microphone to utilize SpeechLive

Contact us if you have questions, we are here to assist. Sales@copia.com.au

Ready to get started with SpeechLive? This is what you will need to get started

For recording your dictations, you require a recording device such as the Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder, the Philips SpeechMike dictation microphone or the Philips dictation recorder for Smartphones.

For Smartphone dictation, download the free Philips dictation recorder for IPhone, Android or BlackBerry from the App/Play Store.

For manual transcription, a professional transcription device such as a Philips foot control, and a Philips transcription headset are required. We recommend the Philips 7277 Transcription kit.

Optionally, files can be automatically transcribed with Philips SpeechScribe transcription service or speech recognition software.

For dictating with a Philips Pocket Memo or SpeechMike, Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate software (version 8.5 or higher) is required.

For transcription, Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software (version 8.5 or higher) is required.

Philips SpeechExec Pro software can be purchased together with a SpeechLive subscription.

Still have questions? Then drop us a note and we will reply back to
you as quickly as possible sales@copia.com.au

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