Speech Recognition

SPEECH RECOGNITION: The Productive Alternative

With Speech recognition users can simply dictate text at speeds of up to 160 words per minute as compared to 30-40 wpm for an untrained typist or 60-70 wpm for a professional, eliminating the need to touch the keyboard at all.

Our years of experience in speech recognition suggest most business should use speech recognition in 'Back End' mode this method means that fee earners and managers don't change the way they currently conduct their dictation; however, support staff are able to process double/triple their document output whilst at the same time improving the voice profile of the Fee Earner / Manager. 'Front end' Speech recognition offers the ability to enter and edit interview notes, reports, email messages, and Desktop dictation allows business to:

  • Create and manage documents, emails, and forms faster than ever before
  • Quickly access information in enterprise applications and Web sites
  • More easily navigate and control desktop applications other documents - all by voice - at rates of up to 160 words per minute.
    A free consultation/ site audit to increase business efficiency enabling your company to increase staff productivity. Consultations are structured around the customer experience, not driven by price.
    An efficient, accurate and cost-effective digital dictation workflow system. It enables professionals, support staff and transcriptionists to dictate, transcribe and dispatch documents easily.
    The Copia service is not just about the IT installation; whilst generalist IT staff may be able to install the software, without the benefit of Copia's experience the system may not be optimised to provide the best workflow solution.
    Extensive knowledge, experience and training in the software and hardware as well as a keen understanding of best practice workflow, document management and document generation across multiple industry sectors
    Strong business values and over 36 years in the industry has provided us a clear understanding in the importance of building long term relationships through customer service and high quality technical knowledge.

Easy to use - For a sophisticated tool, Speech recognition is remarkably easy to use leading to high adoption rates with minimal support costs.

Saves time - Speech recognition enables users to create reports and other documentation three times faster than typing. Macros automate and streamline repetitive manual processes for hands-free PC use and productivity increases of up to 300%.

Accurate - With recognition accuracy rates of up to 99%, Speech recognition allows users to quickly create detailed and accurate reports - without ever touching the keyboard or mouse if necessary.

Works the way you work - Speech recognition offers powerful customisation and administration capabilities. Cus-tomisations crucial to productivity can be made in advance and centrally managed over time; speech recognition tools can be up to 99 percent accurate out of the box

Where is speech recognition in use in businesses today?