Professional: Speech Recognition

BANNER (Professional: Speech Recognition)

SPEECH RECOGNITION: The Productive Alternative

With Speech recognition users can simply dictate text at speeds of up to 160 words per minute as compared to 30-40 wpm for an untrained typist or 60-70 wpm for a professional, eliminating the need to touch the keyboard at all.

Our years of experience in speech recognition suggest most business should use speech recognition in ‘Back End’ mode; this method means that fee earners and managers don’t change the way they currently conduct their dictation; however, support staff are able to process double/triple their document output whilst at the same time improving the voice profile of the Fee Earner / Manager. ‘Front end’ Speech recognition offers the ability to enter and edit interview notes, reports, email messages, and Desktop dictation allows business to:

  • Create and manage documents, emails, and forms faster than ever before
  • Quickly access information in enterprise applications and Web sites
  • More easily navigate and control desktop applications other documents – all by voice- at rates of up to 160 words per minute.

BANNER (Professional: Speech Recognition)

Easy to use – For a sophisticated tool, Speech recognition is remarkably easy to use leading to high adoption rates with minimal support costs.

Saves time – Speech recognition enables users to create reports and other documentation three times faster than typing. Macros automate and streamline repetitive manual processes for hands-free PC use and productivity increases of up to 300%.

Accurate – With recognition accuracy rates of up to 99%, Speech recognition allows users to quickly create detailed and accurate reports – without ever touching the keyboard or mouse if necessary.

Works the way you work – Speech recognition offers powerful customisation and administration capabilities. Cus­tomisations crucial to productivity can be made in advance and centrally managed over time; speech recognition tools can be up to 99 percent accurate out of the box

Where is speech recognition in use in businesses today?

  • Field reporting
  • Caseworkers
  • Legal departments
  • Accessibility (RSI, paralysis, dyslexia, etc.)
  • Law enforcement
  • Large document creation
  • Automating legacy systems
  • Physical notes transcription
  • General office productivity
  • Medical reporting & templates