Professional: Dictation / Transcription

save time

On average, people can speak 7 times faster than they can write. Dictation can save you a lot of time. Dictate just 10 letters and you’ll save a whole hour in time!

o Digital files can be quickly and safely downloaded to a PC, as they are finished, where they can be transcribed or distributed electronically. Allocating or sending digital dictation files to a transcriptionist is as easy as forwarding an e-mail which radically reduces completed file turnaround time.

o Consistent quality sound & recording in DSS or DS2 file format (which are speech recognition ready)

concentrate on your core competency

Don’t waste your energy on typing and formatting. Dictation allows you to focus on your core competencies. This will save you and your organisation time and money.

be more flexible

You can dictate anytime, anywhere and have your files sent immediately to your office or offsite for transcription; for example, you can dictate whilst commuting to work and have transcript ready before you arrive in the office.

o Recording permits upwards of 400 hours recording time per SD memory card (dependant on SD card capacity – max 32gb for most devices)

organise your work

Using dictation software allows you to quickly classify and organize your thoughts, work or letters.

o Author name, subject matter and work type are captured spontaneously via device settings (or entered by the author). The author has the opportunity to mark a completed job as ‘open’ after transcription is complete, allowing further details (recordings) to be added to an already transcribed file.

o Digital screens display time / date / author / length of recording / total recording time available / number of files on the digital display

improve your speech

Studies have shown that dictating can improve your short-term memory, pronunciation and general speech quality. In other words… dictation allows you to increase your productivity & efficiency, saving you time and money.

document security

Digital dictation files have a level of security that tapes didn’t; enabling archiving and retrieval in a simple convenient manner tailored to your business.

Digital files are able to be encrypted for added security

charging capability of a digital recorder

Professional digital dictation devices can be docked via a docking station; which enables automatic file download to a pc or over a network. Docking the recorder also allows the device to charge when not in use.

slide switch recording

Slide switches in the professional dictation range allow for simple, fast “no look” operation. The author has the ability to quickly change between, record, stop, play review modes that allows for streamlined document creation over push-button modes.