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Lexacom is a leading provider of digital dictation and workflow software, used by tens of thousands of professionals to produce accurate documents, quickly and easily. We work with a range of organisations in the healthcare, legal, financial and property sectors and are the number one choice in primary care. Our aim is to help our clients improve efficiency, accuracy and quality of service, which is why we offer a flexible service that can be tailored to your individual needs. This personal approach is what makes us different. We work hard to understand your particular priorities to ensure you get the right solution that not only does what you need, but frees up more time to enable you to focus on other priorities. Our passion for technology and customer service ensures we continually develop our software to offer new features to make your life easier, such as mobile dictation and advanced reporting tools to monitor and manage workflow. We are keen to make sure any investment you make is absolutely right for your organisation which is why we offer a 30-day no obligation free trial and don’t insist on long-term contracts – we prefer our customers to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. Happily, in the last 5 years, 98% of our customers have stayed with us.  Take a look at our case studies to find out why so many companies have chosen Lexacom as their digital dictation provider.

Our Products

  • Lexacom 3 is one of the most advanced and versatile digital dictation and workflow systems on the market. With Lexacom you can not only dictate and transcribe documents with ease, you can transform business processes with a range of features and services designed to make your life easier.

    We have developed a system that meets the demands of today’s busy, flexible workforce with continued innovation to ensure you can maximise efficiency, accuracy and service well into the future.

    With Lexacom 3 you can:

    • Dictate securely on the move, approve documents and track progress from your smartphone or tablet
    • Monitor and manage your workload with advanced reporting tools
    • Securely share information across sites using Lexacom cloud technology
    • Outsource some or all of your transcriptions at the touch of a button
    • Take advantage of the integrated Docmail® print and postal service
    • Choose flexible speech recognition options
    • Integrate with your existing systems to optimise accuracy and efficiency
  • Speech Recognition

    Lexacom Echo revolutionises the way that professional Speech Recognition is made available. As an integral part of Lexacom 3, it is available to all users without the need of significant upfront investment in PC hardware or software.

    Speech Recognition technology, delivered via a comprehensive workflow platform, offers users the flexibility to use their voice to directly input data into an existing system, as well as to create a dictation that is then transcribed in the cloud and either returned to them, or to their secretary for completion.

    Speech Recognition software has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency of busy clinicians, and to also improve the quality of clinical correspondence. Traditionally, access to this technology for GPs has often been cost prohibitive.

    Lexacom’s range of document creation services are designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We continually work on developing our portfolio of Lexacom products to optimise administration efficiency and accuracy within the workplace. The demand for Speech Recognition technology has increased significantly in recent years. Our customers have told us of the barriers they have faced to use this technology. We have listened to them and built Lexacom Echo, our own Speech Recognition solution, which not only removes these barriers but offers greater flexibility.


    High cost – up to £1k per person No upfront cost
    No trial
    Bought on trust with high drop out rate
    30 day free trial
    Additional expenses for updates and maintenance Updates  and maintenance included
    Local PC may need upgrades to run software No hardware upgrade needed

    The benefits of Lexacom Echo

    Lexacom Echo offers the ultimate flexibility, without the need for an upfront financial investment, ensuring customers only pay for the technology when they know it works for them.

    • Fully embedded within Lexacom 3, users are able to select Lexacom Echo as a transcription service, improving the efficiency of a secretarial team, or toggle to the live mode for clinical data entry.
    • All processing is undertaken in the cloud securely. There is no need to install additional software on a desktop or a server.
    • You choose how to pay; either pay as you go or on a monthly subscription basis.
    • Profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal and business are fully integrated and updated regularly ensuring consistent accuracy.
    • Users can start with deferred speech recognition ‘Lexacom Echo’, then move to direct speech recognition ‘Lexacom Echo Live’ when the system has adapted to recognising the users voice, taking the training burden away from the author.
    • Lexacom Echo can be used all the time, or as and when required. Because it is embedded within Lexacom 3, it compliments existing working practices; it doesn’t replace them.
    • Any Lexacom 3 customer can try Lexacom Echo by simply registering via Lexacom Admin.
    • Lexacom is able to provide bespoke 1-2-1 training, ensuring any user who needs a little extra support isn’t left to fend for themselves.

    And last, but not least, you only pay for what we get right. For PAYG users, you receive a monthly statement with accuracy reports on the quality of the transcribed text. Lexacom will only charge for the percentage of work that has been transcribed correctly.

    “Our customers have been asking for the option of Speech Recognition for many years to further improve their efficiency, but they have been put off by the many barriers presented by other solution providers. I am delighted that we can now make this technology widely available, and using it within Lexacom 3, dramatically improves working practices, data quality and patient safety for all of our users”
    Dr Andrew Whiteley,
    Managing Director, Lexacom

    How Lexacom Echo works

    Lexacom Echo is now part of the Lexacom 3 platform. Once enabled via your new Echo account, Lexacom Echo can be used in two different modes; Lexacom Echo and Lexacom Echo Live.

    Lexacom Echo
    Lexacom Echo offers deferred Speech Recognition. In the same way that an author would choose a secretary, typing pool or transcription service, Lexacom Echo will be displayed as a service option in Lexacom 3.

    • A user simply needs to select the Lexacom Echo service option before completing their dictation.
    • The audio file will then be processed via the Speech Recognition engine within minutes, with a draft of the text being returned into the Lexacom 3 platform.
    • Typically, the draft would be returned to the secretary who will then make any corrections that may be needed, before returning the completed document to the author for approval.
    • For those users without secretarial support, or if the work is urgent, the draft can be returned to the originating author.
    • Any corrections will then be tracked by the system, constantly increasing the level of accuracy.
    • The more Lexacom Echo is used, the higher the level of accuracy and the more efficient the process becomes.
    • Because there is only one system and one author profile, any improvements made to the profile will be seen not only in audio transcribed via Lexacom Echo, but also via Lexacom Echo Live.

    Lexacom Echo Live
    Lexacom Echo Live accesses the same author profile as Lexacom Echo, allowing the user to benefit from any accuracy improvements made during the deferred Speech Recognition process used in Lexacom Echo.

    • A user simply toggles the Lexacom Echo Live mode by pressing a dedicated key on their recording device, or by clicking on the icon in Lexacom. This “locks” the record function in Lexacom 3 and enables Lexacom Echo Live.
    • Place the cursor where the text needs to appear, press record and talk. The words will then appear in real time.
    • Corrections can be made if needed, by voice or by keyboard, before the dictation is confirmed by the press of a button.
    • Any corrections made within the text window will be tracked by the system, improving the accuracy for next time.


    Trying Lexacom Echo is easy; a trial can be set up within minutes from within Lexacom Admin. All users can trial Lexacom Echo for free for 30 days. If you want to continue to use it, you can choose to sign up in one of two different ways:

    Pay as you go
    From the end of the trial, you will only be charged for the lines of text created by Lexacom Echo on a monthly basis, similar to using a PAYG mobile phone contract, but with no minimum spend or pre-payment. Not only do you pay for what you use, when you use it, but you won’t pay for any corrections you may need to make.

    Subscription Model
    If you are using Lexacom Echo on a regular basis, you can opt for a subscription that gives you access to Lexacom Echo on an unlimited basis in return for a set monthly fee, and subject to a minimum term.

    Don’t forget, regardless of the model, Lexacom Echo will:

    • Allow users to try before they buy
    • Not require users to invest in expensive software and servers
    • Offer both direct and deferred options within one system
    • Complement existing working practices, not replace them
    • Only charge you for the transcribed text that Lexacom Echo gets right*


    Lexacom Connect combines all the benefits of Lexacom 3 Digital Dictation and Document Creation, with the added advantages of multi-site working and secure information sharing.

    Lexacom Connect is a cloud-based service, enabling organisations to work together seamlessly. Designed to support the latest advances in modern NHS working arrangements, Lexacom Connect is ideal for federations, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and multi-site trusts who want the flexibility to share admin support.

    Built to the highest NHS-approved encryption standards, Lexacom Connect is the ultimate step forward in improving efficiency.

    The future of general practice is working at scale in an efficient lean cost effective way that standardises and harmonises the delivery of care across a patch. By moving our GP federation’s member practices onto the Lexacom Cloud we are delivering these goals. Lexacom truly understand general practice and is the innovative and agile partner we need in these challenging times.

    Dr Neil Paul, Director of Howbeck Healthcare & GP


    Integrated, multi-site working

    Lexacom Connect is the ideal solution to enable organisations to securely share work across sites, including branch surgeries and clinics:

    • All dictation data is stored in our secure UK-based cloud. Clinicians can opt to share some or all their dictation data with other sites using the same system.
    • For multi-site surgeries or clinics, dictations can be processed instantly, regardless of where the admin team is based.
    • Forward thinking federations, CCGs and trusts can opt to share workload, making best use of administrative support across their member practices and sites.
    • Workload peaks can be managed more easily, and organisations can draw on wider resources to cover holiday and sickness absence.
    • Lexacom Connect can be configured to suit individual practice requirements, as well as enabling shared working.

    “We find Lexacom Connect extremely easy to use and would recommend it to other practices and federations wanting to improve efficiency and take advantage of multi-site working.”  Garry Mahn, Practice Manager, Magdalen Medical Practice

    No hardware responsibilities

    • While traditional services require on premise servers to manage the databases which hold your dictation data, Lexacom Connect uses cloud servers to do that job for you.
    • As well as reducing your hardware costs, using our remote servers will reduce your need for costly hardware maintenance and associated expenses.
    • With Lexacom Connect, all your data is fully backed-up, minimising the risk of data loss.


    Lexacom Connect works exactly like Lexacom 3, except that your digital dictation data is stored remotely.

    When a dictation is recorded, it is automatically encrypted before being sent to your cloud server in our UK-based secure data centre. Approved administrators can see and select dictations and file transcriptions, with all data being encrypted before being transferred.

    Using Lexacom 3’s workflow dashboard, it is easy for admin teams to see which transcriptions are in progress, which are outstanding and how urgent the dictations are. Depending on your chosen configuration, you can have one or more admin teams receiving work from multiple locations and clinicians.

    Similarly, authors can record and approve dictations from multiple locations, either from a Lexacom Connect-enabled PC or via the Lexacom Mobile App.

    Secure data

    Lexacom Connect uses Microsoft Azure as a platform to host its cloud service solutions. Azure is accredited with a broad range of information compliance standards including the stringent standards set by the NHS. Access to Azure services is strictly controlled.

    Sustainable solution

    Lexacom Connect is the ideal solution for practices, federations and CCGs looking to work together to improve efficiency and patient care. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our case studies and articles for details of Lexacom Connect in action:

    Magdalen Medical Practice

    Southernhay Medical Practice

    NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group

    South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance

  • Lexacom Mobile enables you to record, track and approve dictations wherever, whenever.  Using secure, encrypted Cloud technology, Lexacom Mobile works with your office-based Lexacom 3 software to provide an integrated mobile dictation system. Click here to find out more…

    Lexacom Mobile overview




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