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Customer service,

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We help organizations like yours deliver intelligent self-service solutions so customers can quickly and easily get what they need from your contact center, website or mobile app – how, when and where they want to engage.

Customer experience

A great experience is intuitive and effortless while delivering the desired outcome on the customer’s terms. We’ve distilled billions of customer interactions into five key principles for success.


Our intelligent self-service solutions simplify the way customers get what they need from the companies they do business with – all through a superior, cost-effective customer service experience.

Industry expertise

We’ve successfully deployed solutions for thousands of companies around the world across all major industries. And we can partner with you to solve your toughest business challenges.

Core technologies

Our Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech and Natural Language Understanding technologies power the solutions that enable effortless self-service experiences.

Customer experience

Keep customers for life through intelligent, engaging self-service

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers want things done quickly, efficiently and on their terms. Let us show you exactly what it takes to deliver on these ever-increasing expectations for self-service – and set the new standard for customer service in your industry.


Inbound. Outbound. IVR, mobile and web.

Our intelligent self-service solutions recognize your customers, understand what they want and use natural, conversational interfaces to get them to their desired outcome. When it comes to effortless customer service experiences, we’ve got what you need to deliver.

Meet Nina
She speaks 38 languages and
works across channels. Best of all,
she lives in the cloud and is
always learning new things.

Industry Experience

Your Industry is Our Expertise

We’ve partnered with thousands of companies across a wide range of industries, working closely with each to deliver the customer service solutions that best address their specific challenges. And we’re ready to work with you.

Explore our vast industry expertise

Financial services

Meet the demands of today’s always-on world with intelligent solutions, enhanced security and an experience your customers can bank on.


Now more than ever, lowering the cost of healthcare while increasing accessibility is key.


Competition over customers is more aggressive than ever. Differentiate yourself with the best possible service to acquire and retain valuable customers.


Customer service is about more than payment reminders and power outage notices. It’s about connecting with your customers.

Travel & Transportation

Engage with your travelers throughout their entire journey and streamline the experience to keep them coming back for more.


Today, one substandard experience can cost you a customer. By creating a seamless brand experience across channels, you can keep customers for life.


Maximize ROI on taxpayer dollars through intelligent service solutions that deliver the experience your citizens deserve.

Core technologies

Powerful technologies designed around your customers

Our Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech and Natural Language Understanding technologies simplify the way customers get what they need by understanding what is said, who said it, what is meant and how to respond effectively.

What our customers are saying

The last 10 years have been a laundry list of additions, tweaks and tunings to continue to make that customer experience the best it can be. And that’s what we really appreciate in Nuance. It’s not just one and done – it’s an ongoing partnership.

Vince Zagorski
Call Center Director for Amtrak

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5 Must-Do's for Delivering Self-Service Magic Consumers today often prefer to help themselves. If you can’t deliver that magical self-service experience, your competitors may do so in your place. But what exactly do customers want, and how can you deliver it? This eBook provides five key “must-do’s” to give your customers the best self-service experience in your industry.

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